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Events & Team Building Workshops

Events & Team Building Workshops

Workshops or lunch and learns can be virtual or in person, and are customized to your team's needs! These are open to women AND men as I've led workshops solely for women or for entire teams.

Popular workshop topics include:
  • Leading with confidence - check out one of our case studies here!

  • Communication & stress management (or communication on its own)

  • Leadership development & how to advocate for yourself and your success

  • Visioning & quarterly goal setting

  • Time management & prioritization

  • Allyship


I've also been a keynote speaker and panelist for multiple events so am open for speaking opportunities/ collaboration to make your next event a success! Inquire about booking me as a speaker or to facilitate a workshop for your organization here!


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Kelsey has coached several individuals in my organization, as well as led team sessions throughout our expansion. Kelsey has an uncanny ability to help leaders unleash their potential. Her approachable demeanor is disarming in the most challenging of situations. Not only have my employees realized personal and professional growth through working with Kelsey, but our organization has benefited tremendously as a whole.

Jesse, CEO

We brought Kelsey into our women's group to lead a workshop on career & leadership development as a common area of focus had been around career development and advocating for your success in the workplace, so we wanted to support our group in a way where we could learn together and equip them with valuable strategies for growth.

We had a fantastic experience in our 90 minute workshop and received positive feedback from our members! We had an attendance of 30 women who were all eager to take the time to thoughtfully self-reflect and show up for their own growth and development. Kelsey shared valuable resources around reframing limiting beliefs and using non-violent language while providing opportunities for collaboration throughout the session, along with follow up resources for continuous development. 

We would absolutely recommend this session to other organizations and would be happy to have Kelsey facilitate more sessions in the future!

Kiera, Senior CS Manager

This workshop was one of the highlights of the year for me so far! It was everything that you want, but often don't get in a "corporate" environment - authentic, informative, and an all-around game changer for yourself personally and professionally. In the post-COVID and WFH world, when most of your colleagues are unfortunately strangers, I can truly say that we walked out great friends and colleagues, and even better individuals.

Severina, Chief Growth Officer

It was truly an amazing experience. Kelsey created a very comfortable environment for everyone to be present and to open up about our experiences and challenges we faced in our careers. My biggest takeaway was finding my inner confidence and being able to express it outwardly!! And I walked out of the workshop knowing my brilliant female colleagues better and knowing myself better.

Anonymous attendee

Kelsey joined us for a workshop session hosted by our Professional Women’s Network. We had hosted many talks in the past, however had received the feedback that attendees were seeking a more tactical session that emphasized strategies and solutions on allyship. Enter Kelsey, and did she ever deliver! For attendees who identify as seasoned allies and newbies alike, Kelsey’s session offered informative and actionable strategies for all. She cultivated an interactive and energetic environment for the duration of her session and provided the team with next steps and resources to achieve their goal of improved allyship. I would highly recommend Kelsey to other organizations looking to host sessions on similar topics. She brought to the session a beautiful blend of expertise and authenticity that enabled her to be a trusted advisor to our team.

Sarah, Senior Customer Success Manager

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